If your debit,  ATM or Citizens State Bank issued credit card is lost or stolen, please call the appropriate number listed below to report the loss.

Debit/ATM Cards
1-888-263-3370 (24/7)

Citizens State Bank Credit Cards Issued Through TIB
1-800-367-7576  (24/7)

No one from Citizens State Bank will ever call or email you to ask you for your user id, password, debit or credit card number. If anyone requests this information, please contact the bank staff immediately.

For all inquiries, please contact us at:

Phone: (806)997-4351
Fax: (806)997-2174
Email: customerservice@csbanton.com

Contact Us

  • E-mail correspondence sent over the Internet may not be secure. Therefore, you should not include confidential information (such as your account numbers, social security, tax identification number or account password) in any communication to us. Our E-mail response to you will not include confidential account information. You may contact us by phone, US Mail, or by visiting your nearest banking office to review that information.
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